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When available

Goosepoint Clams cooked in white wine garlic butter served with garlic bread 10.00

5 oz Filet Mignon steak bites cooked in garlic butter  8.00

Add Grilled Onion and  Mushrooms 2.50

4 piece Fried Chicken served with Fries or Tots 8.95

Two House made Dungeness Crab Cakes served with lemon dill sauce $6.00




$5.00 Drink minimum

Happy Hour Drink prices; Coors Light $2.50, Widmer Hef $2.75, and Well Drinks $3.25


Bone in Pork Shank $3.00 each

Served with our Asian Sauce or our Tangy BBQ sauce


Chicken Wings

Basket of four wings $6.00, six wings $8.00, eight wings $10.00  

tossed in Louisiana hot sauce


Hand Rolled Egg Rolls

deep fried served with Asian sauce two for $5.00


Hummus & Veggies $5.00

Bell Peppers, carrots, cucumbers and pita bread


BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadilla $4.00         Cheese Quesadilla $3.00

Served with house Pico de Gallo & sour cream


Prawn Cocktail $6.00

Six prawns served with our house cocktail sauce


Chicken Tenders $4.00

served with choice of dipping sauces 


Cod Sandwich $3.00  

Cod on a toasted  bun with lettuce and tarter sauce/Add cheese 50 cents


Four Coconut Prawns $4.00

Served with Sweet chili garlic sauce


Loaded Potato Skins

cheese, bacon, sour cream and chives three for $3.00 or five for $5.00


Pot Stickers

served house Asian dipping sauce six for $6.00


Jalepeno Poppers

served with habanero strawberry dipping sauce six for $5.50


Fried Zucchini  

served with ranch dressing 10 spears for $3.00


Fries or Tots $1.50      Onion Rings $4.00     Sweet Potato Fries $2.00  Signature Fries $4.00

Call for more information or to place an order

for take-out


Happy Hour

Happy hour is the perfect way to end a busy workday. Join us every day from 3 PM to 6 PM for a great selection of domestic and craft beer, wine and well drinks. Get great discounts on appetizers too! Happy hour extends through the evening during certain sporting events that we specify.

Happy hour is daily from

3 PM to 6 PM

Well drinks are $3.25 during happy hour

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